K Lee and Co provide comprehensive schedules of dilapidation on behalf of building owners and also can act representing lease holders to minimize potential dilapidation claims through responding to the claim on a schedule known as a Scott schedule. We advise that leaseholders should be aware of the terms of their lease and the repairing obligations. Completing these in a timely manner can help to minimize the claim from the landlord and bring about cost savings through engaging directly sourced contractors to complete any works required and help to keep costs down.

Further guidance can be found through RICS Guidance:


Should you require representation for a dilapidation claim we can represent wither landlord or tenant. We also provide comprehensive dilapidation reports and schedules of condition which are advised to be undertaken prior to entry into a lease.

Please contact us on enquiries@k-lee.co.uk or telephone 01522 510558 for an informal discussion.



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