Roof Repair

Building Defect Reports

We prepare reports on specific building defects which can vary widely in the nature of the defect.

We have prepared reports on variety of issues, some of which are:-

  • Rising damp
  • Sub-standard materials and workmanship
  • Defective Roof structures
  • Subsidence and settlement
  • Overloading of floor structures
  • Compaction of sub-base

Our reports can be used for a variety of purposes including negotiation with contractors, dispute settlement and for insurance companies. We can also act as expert witness should there be a building dispute and an expert witness report is required.

We are Lincoln base building surveyors providing a range of building surveys for Lincoln, Leicester, Nottingham and throughout the East Midlands region.

Should you require a survey on a specific building defect, we would be pleased to help. You can contact us on or please phone us on 01522 510558.


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