Flooding Grant

Written by: Kevin Lee on January 15, 2014

Boston Flooding 2

The UK weather over recent years has produced the extremes of weather with wide spread flooding within the south east and a tidal flood surge hitting the east coat which has proving a strain on the insurance industry as a whole. In the aftermath of the events, we have to ask the questions of how we can best protect our homes. The government has now advised that from 1st April 2015 that a flooding grant is now available to allow affected property owners to engage their own surveyor to provide advise on flood resilient measures and also to contribute to the cost of completing the works.

Flood resilient measures are not intended to prevent a property from flooding, but more to minimize the impact on the property should it flood again. As providers of professional surveying services to the insurance industry, K. Lee and Co are now designing property reinstatement works to minimize damage to properties following a flood with specifications which call for re-wiring to have wires dropping down from ceiling level, electrical consumer units at ceiling level, and many other design changes to minimize the effects of future flooding on properties.


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