Full Building Survey

A Building Survey is an extensive investigation into the condition and construction of a building. The survey provides an analysis of the defects to inform purchasers of the overall condition of the building. A building survey is sometimes referred to as a structural survey. The survey does not include a valuation of the property but is intended to provide an analysis of the defects to inform the purchaser of the overall condition of the property.

The survey is a non-destructive survey, which will advise on timber decay and movement within the structure which could have an adverse affect on the property. We inspect all accessible parts of the property including roof voids, cellars and inspection covers, providing a comprehensive overview of the property including outbuildings if required.

Our surveyor will inspect the property externally with the aid of binoculars and digital zoom lens camera. The internal survey will be aided by the use of a damp meter ‘Protimeter’ and all visible timbers will be inspected for signs of rot and beetle infestation.

Our survey covers movement within a building and an opinion will be expressed as to whether any movement in a building is historic or on-going. We will also comment on building elements and advice if typical life spans of components are reaching or at the end of their serviceability.

The report advises on the different types of services provided and identification of the likely age of the services. The surveyor’s report may make recommendations for any further inspection or testing of the services.

The basis of the survey and report is to provide you with sufficient information to be able to make an informed decision on the purchase. The report may clarify issues which you have already identified or provide you with a basis to re-negotiate the asking price or indeed whether to proceed with the purchase. Once you have received the report, we will be happy to talk to you further to clarify any issues that the report may bring about.

We are Lincoln based building surveyors providing building surveys (structural surveys) for Lincoln, Nottingham and the East Midlands region.

Should you require any further information or a quotation, please either e-mail us at enquiries@k-lee.co.uk or we would be delighted to take a call from you on 01522 510558.


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